Service orchestration is a paradigm that supports service providers in arranging, coordinating, and managing computing and network infrastructure resources as a system of components and automated workflows that can be delivered as services to their users/customers.

CodeMettle Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) is the centralized software that manages complex, hybrid, multivendor equipment and resources. . In a mature deployment, orchestration includes:

  • Service ordering
  • Automated fulfillment and/or provisioning
  • Service Assurance, including Availability, Performance, and Security
  • Service-awareness, continuous auto-discovery, monitoring, and management of the end-to-end service
  • Workflow and script-based dynamic adjustments based on monitoring and human programmed logic
  • Quality of Service (QOS) and other Business-aligned KPIs

Like it or not, your network is generating Big Data. A minority of organizations are leveraging this data, allowing it to collect and hide without meaningful analysis. CodeMettle NSO is built on a Big Data platform, empowering you to:

  • Collect, filter, process, correlate, and prioritize floods of data
  • Transform data into knowledge and wisdom to better manage your services,
  • Leverage wisdom to manage operations with the fewest people
  • Create reports and business intelligence that allow you to see looming threats and plan for the future

CodeMettle NSO provides disruptive software technology that transforms legacy technology management into fully business aligned network service orchestration. It can either replace one or many tools or seamlessly integrate with existing tool sets, adding significant real-time control, insights, and automation never before possible.

CodeMettle NSO’s mission is to identify, discover, model, and orchestrate from the service perspective first and foremost. As a Manager of Managers (MoM), CodeMettle NSO seamlessly integrates data flowing from existing tools and augments any gaps with its native monitors and ITDs.   CodeMettle NSO’s Service Management Module includes Automated Service Discovery (ASD), Service Topology Mapping (SPM), and Service Flow Mapping (SFM), and Service-Aware Monitoring (SAM) that transform typical technology silo management into business-aligned Network Service Orchestration (NSO). A true service-aware perspective allows you to assure all three layers for each mission-critical service:

  1. Availability,
  2. Performance, and
  3. Security.

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