CodeMettle releases Network Service Orchestrator™ (NSO) v2.5, the First Business-Service Aligned Management Solution

January 15, 2014

Military, Enterprise, and Telco-grade Software Discovers, Models, Monitors, Manages, and Orchestrates Services from the Business Perspective

Atlanta, January 15, 2014—CodeMettle LLC announced today the first business service-aligned network management and orchestration solution..

CodeMettle NSO is highly differentiated from typical monitoring tools in three key ways:

First, it goes far beyond simple monitoring. CodeMettle NSO includes full bi-directional management, control, configuration, provisioning, and orchestration of services – not silos. Any discovered or monitored device can be managed and controlled either manually by the user from dashboard screens or via automated provisioning or event-driven workflows. CodeMettle NSO has Integration Translator Drivers (ITD) for the largest variety of IP and non-IP based equipment, with coverage for complex hybrid military, satellite, terrestrial, and wireless networks.

Second, CodeMettle NSO provides supports and integrates seamlessly with the largest number of different vendors’ equipment and device types. CodeMettle NSO is typically leveraged to monitor and control both non-standard and standards-based equipment, inclusive of non-IP devices such as serial, MODBUS, and proprietary APIs. Common items include generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), security systems, temperature, power and other sensors. Although CodeMettle NSO can be deployed as a comprehensive stand-alone platform with monitoring and control capabilities for all components of a complex hybrid network, it is more commonly deployed as a manager of managers (MoM) whereby CodeMettle collects, processes, and correlates data from multiple existing tools, providing a rich opportunity to consolidate and reduce the number of disparate applications. Full upstream and downstream integration with ITSM, BSS/OSS, and ERP systems is expected and fully supported.

Third, CodeMettle NSO is the first complex hybrid network management solution that is truly service-aware. Legacy monitoring methods start from the perspective of monitoring infrastructure components, often leading to specialized tools for each technology: a tool for servers, a separate tool for network devices, different tools for databases and applications, and numerous more to cover security.  These tools may provide valuable capabilities and data, but lack the ability to map event/alarm impacts to business services. CodeMettle NSO’s mission is to identify, discover, model, and orchestrate from the service perspective first and foremost. As a Manager of Managers (MoM), CodeMettle NSO seamlessly integrates data flowing from existing tools and augments any gaps with its native monitors and ITDs.   CodeMettle NSO’s Service Management Module includes Automated Service Discovery (ASD), Service Topology Mapping (SPM), and Service Flow Mapping (SFM), and Service-Aware Monitoring (SAM) that transform typical technology silo management into business-aligned Network Service Orchestration (NSO). A true service-aware perspective allows you to assure all three layers for each mission-critical service: Availability, Performance, and Security.

Version 2.5 is a feature-packed powerhouse, with updated numerous added capabilities to the following all-inclusive modules: Service Management Module, Correlation & Automation Machine, Insight & Control, Service Assurance, and Orchestration Engine.

About CodeMettle

CodeMettle has been solving network, systems, and service management challenges for decades with disruptive software technology. The flagship CodeMettle Network Service Orchestrator (NSO™) solution helps clients conquer complexity and ensure the availability, performance, and security of their critical services. CodeMettle Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) solution is the industry’s next-generation, massively scalable, end-to-end network & service management orchestration platform. Mission-critical network & service management operators achieve:

•             Unprecedented visualization & insight

•             Fully automated troubleshooting and fault resolution

•             Proactive service assurance

•             End-to-end management and control

•             True network service orchestration

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