{ Automation That Delivers }

CodeMettle NSO provides unparalleled automation capabilities. It ships with the industry’s most powerful Business Rules Management System (RMS) and Complex Event Processor (CEP) as well as a true Business Process Management¬† workflow engine (BPM). Today’s NetOps staff are crushed under workloads and burdens never seen before. Constant change, security threats and the explosion of data and mobility have created migraine management headaches. In order to meet SLAs while staying within budget requires the right tools and automation. Smart, next-generation technology works smarter and harder, optimizing staff effectiveness. How do you outperform your competitors? Use CodeMettle’s unique, adaptable solution to achieve meaningful value to your organization with powerful features like these:

Real-time Graphical User Interface (RGUI)

Users can communicate and send commands interactively to managed equipment. Users can also run service provisioning plans and workflows from the RGUI. Create and leverage Smartphone-like interfaces that are super-easy to use by non-technical staff.

Service Provisioning Plans (SPP)

Automated provisioning workflows create near real-time provisioning of network devices and services, saving time and effort while eliminating errors. Implement SPPs and make your configuration and provisioning challenges go away.

Business Process Management Workflow Engine (BPM)

Drag & drop workflow design. Event and human initiated workflows automate both human, system, and mixed mode provisioning, de-provisioning, self-healing, and dynamic infrastructure scaling.

Business Rules Management System (RMS) and Complex Event Processor (CEP)

Enterprise class rules engine, allowing for any kind of scripting, logic, and control.