{ The CodeMettle Difference }

Real-time vs. Time-Delayed

Disaster can happen in a millisecond. CodeMettle NSO not only processes massive volumes of real-time data streams, it provides a real-time user interface. It’s the difference between watching live television versus refreshing your browser every few minutes. Everyone else is at least 5 minutes late.

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Actionable User Experience

CodeMettle NSO’s Real-time GUI leverages the most cutting edge web technologies, delivering actionable icons and data. The Click2Control (C2C) feature provides instant access, command, and control over managed infrastructure. No time is lost between alarm and action. Operators have instant access, launch workflows, and resolve problems all from the same console. Everyone else is monitoring on one (or many screens) and attempting to resolve in one (or many) others, losing valuable time and money in the process.

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Beyond Monitoring & Service-Aware

CodeMettle NSO’s Service Management Engine (SME) includes Autonomous Service Discovery (ASD), Service Flow Mapping (SFM), and Service Topology Mapping (STM) to create truly service-aware management of your mission-critical services. Everyone else is silo-centric or simplistic.

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{ Unique Features }

Real-time Graphical User Interface

Real-time, user-configurable web-based dashboards to provide rich, single-pane-of-glass visibility, intelligence, and interaction
Delivers real-time, relevant information, visibility, and insight to operators, saving time and effort

Service Management Packs

Applies comprehensive industry best-practices based monitoring of metrics to an entire element or device
Out-of-the-box monitoring of element/device specific KPIs

Service Flow Mapping

Dynamic real-time views of service and data flows across the infrastructure
Visualizes how applications and data flow through the network


Interact and issue instructions or commands directly from the UI
Saves valuable time and effort. Eliminates the need to launch disparate troubleshooting or remote access tools

Root Cause Pinpoint

Accurate root cause detection and elimination of event floods
Speeds problem identification and resolution

Drag & Drop Views

Create and design relevant views
Displays components by service group, data center racks, data center floors, logical, and dependency maps

Autonomous Service Discovery

Auto-discovery of service elements, relationships and configuration items. Full service dependency mapping
Massive time savings in setup and more intelligent management of services

Service Topology Mapping

Algorithm based-auto layouts of service topology, fully configurable
Rich and accurate understanding of services across the infrastructure

Business Intelligence Engine

Reporting and analytics
Integrated BI for deeper analysis and insight

Service Provisioning Plans

Create re-usable provisioning workflows with process execution, launch, and real-time status in the GUI
Automated provisioning workflows create near real-time provisioning of network devices and services, saving time and effort while eliminating potential errors

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