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CodeMettle is a team of highly skilled engineering experts with decades of experience solving the world’s most complex network, security, and service management challenges for the largest and most complex organizations in the world. Our clients include three of the world’s top five telecom carriers, the US military, government agencies,  dozens of media and communications providers, and large enterprise clients.CodeMettle’s leadership team has built and led several highly successful renowned market-leading companies such as ILC (MaxView), Perfected Networks, and PerformanceIT.

The CodeMettle engineering team consists of mostly true engineers, with degrees from leading institutions like Georgia Tech and Emory University. Unlike many organizations that use the label “engineer” for staff who’ve earned network management certifications, CodeMettle engineers have engineering degrees in computer science and related fields . Our ability to transcend network configuration skills to include the software skills required to integrate and orchestrate virtually any tools and technologies truly set CodeMettle apart.

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