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CodeMettle Components

Real-time Graphical User Interface

Use your own browser to login to the real-time, interactive, and intuitive graphical user interface

Enterprise Service Bus

Serves as the central highway handling normalized data traffic among NSO components and provides for easy integration with other systems.

Correlation & Automation Machine

Provides the highly intelligent processing and transformation of monitoring data. Includes a powerful but intuitive scripting engine. ITDs enable bi-directional data flow with any device type.

Business Intelligence Engine

Dynamic and configurable dashboards provide for any kind of reporting and BI imaginable. Don’t waste time creating endless static reports over and over again.

{ Optional Modules }

  • High Availability Option – Provides load balancing and high-availability for your NSO system.
  • Carrier Monitoring System (CMS) – Provides real-time monitoring of your space segment and carriers.
  • Bandwidth Management System (BMS)- Provides real-time bandwidth management and provisioning for your VSAT or SCPC-based network.
  • Integration Translator Driver Development Kit (TDK) – Provides a full drag & drop development kit for creating integrations and translators/drivers for any network equipment and applications
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