{ FCAPS Delivered }

TMN_Reference_ModelCodeMettle NSO provides full alignment with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) FCAPS standard:

  1. Fault isolation and root cause identification.
  2. Configuration management.
  3. Administration and Accounting
  4. Performance and Provisioning
  5. Security

Fault Management

Previous-generation monitoring apps lack the intelligence to understand network topology and are not service-aware. They typically create alarm floods, causing you to have to spend more time trying to tune/tame your monitoring tool than proactively manage your network. CodeMettle NSO solves this problem and not only clearly shows the root cause, but also provides an instant and automated ability to interact with the offending device and/or send pre-determined instructions or perform workflow-driven steps for you. Further, CodeMettle NSO uses advanced techniques to perform trend analysis and anomaly and abnormal behavior detection to predict errors so that the network is always available.

Configuration Management

Again, typical monitoring tools have little-to-no understanding of network device configuration, let-alone service configuration running on top. They simply and typically poll metrics or interfaces at pre-determined intervals and either collect the data or determine up/down status. Ping and poll methods have their place, but will not help you if the configuration of the device changes and is the cause of the problem. Configuration changes are often the leading cause of downtime and can be caused by a variety of factors including security breach (hack), unauthorized or unplanned changes, reboots, patch or firmware errors and more. CodeMettle provides for full configuration-aware network and service management by detecting configuration problems and restoring known-good configurations. It seamlessly integrates with existing CMS tools if preferred.

Administration & Accounting

All network management tools have some kind of admin UI, but true Administration means the ability to interact and administer not just the tool itself, but also communicate and manage network elements, other NMS, and utilities. CodeMettle NSO is a true umbrella manager that includes a full extensible library of out of the box integration connectors and translators to provide for full bi-directional integration to any aspect of the network.

Most typical monitoring apps collect a variety of statistics and data such as CPU or circuit utilization, but lack the sophistication to provide meaningful accounting for services running on the network. Services are tangible, typically customer facing and consumable products that are revenue affecting. Examples include television channels running atop a satellite or cable network or a multi-site VPN for a large global enterprise. For the satellite or cable provider, each channel is a service provided by different content providers. Within an enterprise network, services are things like “Billing” whereby the accounting department’s systems and applications collectively provide service such that the company can bill and collect payment for the products or services it provides to its customers. While most monitoring tools are unable to monitor and understand the services riding on a network, CodeMettle NSO is fully service-aware. This enables the network provider to appropriately manage, bill, or charge for the services provided.

Performance & Provisioning

How many times have you heard the complaint “It’s So Slow”? This is the bane of every network engineer’s existence. The network is probably up seemingly performing just fine. Discrete services and applications may be slow for a variety of other causes other than “the network.” CodeMettle NSO goes beyond high-level network performance monitoring and measuring, it provides end-to-end service monitoring and measurement so that, ideally, you never have to hear “It’s slow” again. With proactive orchestration, you can prevent problems and assure performance so the business and customers never have to suffer.


CodeMettle NSO provides powerful and comprehensive network security and configuration management capabilities. You can easily monitor logs of any kind as well as detect configuration changes that may be the result of unauthorized change or nefarious acts such as hacking, viruses, or spyware.

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