{ Prove Your Mettle. It’s time to Orchestrate Your Network. }

At CodeMettle, we understand that every complex network is run by talented engineers doing their best to do their jobs. Unfortunately, most network operations spend far too much time wrestling with their tools than delivering business value by understanding and managing the critical services in their network. According to recent research, on average, only 20% of large enterprise organizations are adequately prepared for cybersecurity events and threats to mission-critical services. The remaining 80% lag behind. CodeMettle Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) aims to place you in the top 10% in three critical ways:

  • Optimized Risk Management. With NSO, you transform from silo management to service management. You will have much better control over three key layers: Availability, Performance, and Security. You’ll stay ahead of the curve on availability management, configuration management, asset management, change management, capacity management, and  threat intelligence.
  • Better Incident Detection. Elite companies with significant risks require strong visibility of how networks, systems, and applications combine to form network services. It is no longer adequate to monitor collections of devices or manage the network, servers, storage, databases, applications and security separately. By eliminating silo management and replacing it with Network Service Orchestration, you can baseline normal behavior and quickly identify anomalous behavior. By monitoring, managing, controlling, and orchestrating services, you are more intelligently processing the flood of network data and threats and prioritizing what matters to protect the business.
  • Workflow-driven Incident Response. Almost all organizations are challenged with incident response, yet top-performing organizations leverage formal, preferably workflow-driven policies and processes. CodeMettle NSO provides both rules-based trigger/actions and BPM-powered workflows to automate, document, and resolve incidents which prevents time-consuming delays and costly mistakes.
  • CodeMettle NSO optimizes end-to-end application, network, security and service management for complex networks. Network service orchestration means:

    • Real-time Insight & Control  — Cutting-edge technology provides real-time dashboards, actionable intelligence, and control
    • Service Assurance— Intelligently and continuously auto-discover your end-to-end services, anomalies, health, security and performance
    • Automation — Human and event-driven autonomous workflows, provide provisioning, self-healing, and auto-scaling

    In sum, CodeMettle empowers IT / NetOps to truly manage and deliver services to the business and customers with the fewest number of staff possible while allowing for the flexibility and capability to handle constantly changing demands and infrastructure.


    { Superior Design, Engineering, and Architecture }

    CodeMettle NSO is built by engineers with decades of networking experience using built with the world’s best, most modern, and most scalable components:

    • Real-time Graphical User Interface (RGUI)
    • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) backplane,
    • Super-scalable NoSQL database,
    • Business Process Management (BPM) workflow engine,
    • Correlation & Automation Machine (CAM) which includes the Business Rules Management System (RMS) and Complex Event Processor (CEP),
    • Extensive Integration Driver (ID) library

    If you have a mission-critical, complex network, you need to see CodeMettle NSO and dare to compare.  

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