{ Unmatched Scalability }

Many network tool vendors have focused on scalability for good reason: the leading legacy NSM architectures were never designed to support today’s complex networks. Built on yesterday’s technology, legacy NMS suffer incurable scalability and processing problems. Newer entrants to the market have harnessed cloud computing and virtualization, but even these advancements are insufficient for a true carrier, large enterprise, or military-scale network.

To CodeMettle, scalability means much more than horizontal or vertical scalability models where you add more servers, VMs, or appliances to handle the load. CodeMettle’s architecture leverages the same architecture used by super-scale users such as Facebook and the NSA . CodeMettle NSO can provide unmatched scalability with minimal hardware by leveraging the following unique components and capabilities:

  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Cluster-able NoSQL Database
  • Correlation and Automation Machine (CAM) which includes:
    • – A Business Rules Management System (RMS)
    • – A Complex Event Processor (CEP)
    • – Integration Drivers (ID)
  • High Availability & Load Balancing with vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting Engine
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