{ Discover Everything }

Discovery” tools have been around for a while, but most are limited to creating crude asset lists, limited metadata, and lack the ability to discover dependencies, topology, and an accurate picture of the true end-to-end services. CodeMettle NSO transcends these legacy tools and delivers:

  • True end-to-end layer 2 (data link), layer 3 (network), layer 4 (transport), layer 5 (session), layer 6 (presentation), and layer 7 (application) discovery and topology maps. This means it will show the devices, ports, IP addresses, TCP ports, and applications, how they communicate and how data flows among them.
  • Unlike pure discovery tools, all discovered objects become fully managed objects that NSO can monitor, manage, & control (issue commands and instructions)
  • Open, flexible metadata model. Users can tag and group resources with additional metadata to manage collections of resources or infrastructure in ways that make sense and provide optimized real-time views for better troubleshooting, health, performance, and service impact analysis.
CodeMettle NSO also provides distinctive features to provide unprecedented control, automation, and orchestration of discovered services, including:


  • Correlation & Automation Machine (CAM) which houses both the Business Rules Management System (RMS) and Complex Event Processor (CEP) to filter, analyze, correlate, and act upon monitored resources and events.
  • Business Process Management workflow engine (BPM) for creating event or manually-triggered automation and orchestration workflows, typically used for automated event/incident response, provisioning, de-provisioning, security-related remediation to attacks, and dynamic scale up/down of resources to meet demand
  • Advanced features such as Root Cause Pinpoint (RCP) to see and act upon only service-affecting relevant events.
  • Click2Control (C2C) to provide engineers with single-click control and communications with managed infrastructure.

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