{ Stay Above Water }

Suffering network, security, or service management problems? CodeMettle has been solving complex problems for the most demanding clients in media, enterprise data centers, telcos, government, and defense. CodeMettle combines the power of the CodeMettle NSO platform and CodeMettle’s network management experts to create a personalized solution to solve your most critical challenges.

Most NetOps are drowning in data. The network is generating gigabytes of logs and alerts every second and there’s no way even an army of humans can process it all. The ultimate goal is to only be notified with actionable alerts for bona fide threats that warrant human intervention. This is the goal, yet it eludes so many shops because the existing tools flood the consoles with repetitive duplicate events. CodeMettle solves this problem by leveraging CodeMettle NSO’s super-scale correlation & automation machine (CAM), business rules management system (RMS), and Complex Event Processor (CEP) that ensures only relevant highly valuable data is sent upstream to the real-time actionable dashboards.
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