{ Understand Service Impacts }

Suffering network, security, or service management problems? CodeMettle has been solving complex problems for the most demanding clients in media, enterprise data centers, telcos, government, and defense. CodeMettle combines the power of the CodeMettle NSO platform and CodeMettle’s network management experts to create a personalized solution to solve your most critical challenges.

With dozens of tools in place, the vast majority of IT/NetOps are forced to manage technology silos: the server teams manage servers and virtual machines; the network team manages the routers, switches, and firewalls; the storage team manages storage; DBAs manage databases; while still other silos such as terrestrial vs. satellite groups are managed separately. CodeMettle solves this problem by leveraging CodeMettle NSO’s powerful service discovery, topology, and service-aware modelling and visualization features. Unique and personalized end-to-end service views are created and displayed in true, interactive, real-time dashboards for the ultimate in management and control. Wish it were simpler? Tell CodeMettle NSO the start point of your service and watch it automatically discover the route between them while drawing an accurate service topology for you.
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