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Suffering network, security, or service management problems? CodeMettle has been solving complex problems for the most demanding clients in media, enterprise data centers, telcos, government, and defense. CodeMettle combines the power of the CodeMettle NSO platform and CodeMettle’s network management experts to create a personalized solution to solve your most critical challenges.

Let’s face it, most NetOps are overworked, but at the same time can be ineffectively utilized due to inferior tools. Network, security, and service management require highly capable automation tools to handle the load and ensure their precious time is spent wisely. Regrettably, many automation efforts fail because many of the tools fall short of expectation and create more work rather than less. CodeMettle changes the equation. CodeMettle NSO is easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use and is the only solution that provides drag & drop BPM-based workflow engine (BPM) and an open Business Rules Management System (RMS). With these powerful features and low cost of ownership, engineers can configure and extend the CodeMettle NSO platform to create applications you never dreamed of accomplishing before.
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