CodeMettle provides a distributed and scalable data management platform that enables enterprises to analyze, organize, consolidate and visualize complex processes and operations.


CodeMettle understands that complexity develops over time for any growing business. Disparate assets, networks, systems, and applications add up fast, weakening your response time to critical operating issues. CodeMettle consolidates your network and operations onto one, simple platform allowing for maximum control over your infrastructure.

Optimized Risk Management: Break down the silos, stay ahead of the curve, and evolve to true service management. Gain control and a deeper insight into availability, configuration, asset, change, and capacity management.

Better Incident Detection: Prioritize faster and more intelligently by monitoring, managing, and orchestrating all services with a common platform. Quickly identify and act on irregular behavior and network anomalies with interactive network services maps. Get the right information to the right operator at the right time.

Workflow Process Automation: Streamline your organizational policy and governance directives into process-driven automation. Leverage both rules-based actions and operator-powered workflows to automate routine and manual tasks preventing costly delays in resolving issues.


The CodeMettle platform is network and technology agnostic enabling comprehensive network and operational situational awareness using a modern, customizable web-based user interface. It uniquely adapts to heterogeneous data sources eliminating barriers between data types presenting a visual layer of a “single pane of glass”. CodeMettle’s platform supports full integration and seamless management of critical, physical, and virtual infrastructure and the applications and services employed on that critical network.

Data Model:

  • Flexible, standardized JSON data objects modeled with a user definable schema
  • Configurable on the fly by adding metadata descriptors to objects

Data Management and Storage:

  • Configurable data translation, route and storage rules
  • Vertical and horizontal synchronization of data
  • Highly efficient NoSQL database

Data Translation:

  • Object Oriented Translators that enable quick adaptation to any data source
  • End-user definable for future data sources

Data Visualization and Analytics:

  • High performance HTML5 user interfaces
  • User definable dashboards to visualize and administer data
  • Dynamic, configurable data analytics tool

Data Security at Rest and in Transit:

  • FIPS 140-2 compliant architecture
  • Certified IA compliant to run in the most private and secure networks in the world

The vast majority of legacy network tools provide basic, unsophisticated and unintelligent one-way monitoring of devices. As devices types, protocols, and networks grow, engineers are typically forced to interact with more and more element managers and silo tools. This is unsustainable and simply obsolete.

CodeMettle provides the next generation of operators a unified management solution. It combines intelligent monitoring with proactive provisioning, orchestration and workflow making the job of managing the most complex of networks easier, faster, and more automated.

Fault Management

  • Natively understands network topology and intelligently implements service awareness.
  • Clearly displays the root cause and provides an instant ability to interact with and resolve the offending device.
  • Isolate errors, false positives, and abnormal behavior using advanced trending analysis.

Configuration Management

  • Unique from other platforms, CodeMettle offers a native understanding of device configuration allowing for service configuration to be implemented over the top of all data flows
  • Track your latest configurations, detect bad/non-standard configs, and revert to your last known good config reducing downtime.


  • Monitoring apps for accounting services collect statistics and data, but CodeMettle takes it a step above by enabling the network provider for a more sophisticated approach to accounting services.
  • Appropriately manage, bill, or charge for the services provided for a more seamless customer experience.

Performance & Health

  • Create a better customer experience with a total performance picture.
  • Drill down on root causes for services, application, and network performance with end-to-end, multi-layered service monitoring and measurement.
  • Remediate common events to proactively manage the performance and health of your network.


  • Independently tested and certified for Information Assurance and Security.
  • Quarterly, rigorous process of tests against newly identified vulnerabilities, exceeding compliance on the latest standards.
  • Deployment guide that includes methods and layers to extend protection for the security conscious.

The CodeMettle platform is designed to eliminate the noise from reported events so that engineers can stay focused on what really matters. Clients adjust which events, alarms, and patterns cause service degradation or failures. Experience less disruption, accelerated triage, and faster root cause analysis with logical correlation between resources, assets, functions, and functional services. This capability is a requirement for enterprises seeking to transition from device to service management.

Enable Your Organization to:

  • Aggregate, correlate, and present fault, ticketing, asset, and capacity data across disparate network element managers, devices, and 3rd party systems.
  • Distribute and synchronize information based on service and role responsibility.
  • Natively understand which faults are impacting which customer services.
  • Analyze capacity and growth data to augment and improve service performance.

The CodeMettle platform centralizes data management, orchestration, and network management for earth stations and teleports. Unify your business, device, and application data together into one common platform allowing you to plan, execute, monitor, visualize, and analyze the end-to-end network.

Additional Features Include:

  • Intuitive operator-driven workflows to book, reserve and auto-release assets to support service requirements (e.g., IP ranges and physical inventory).
  • Real-time monitoring and data collection on assets undergoing services.
  • Promote multi-level collaboration with data sharing and group chat.
  • Empower teams to resolve issues quickly by integrating extended data such as maintenance windows and logistics in the data platform seamlessly automating routine processes and operations.
  • Spectrum interfaces – signal quality metrics acquired from large ground stations.
  • Transmission management – manage path downstream of spectrum interfaces and indicate quality of service for the entire chain. Also manage ancillary equipment that can impact performance and  availability (e.g., HVAC, UPS, Generators).
  • Baseband interfaces – manage network node health and quality overlaid with routing data to better understand the impact of decisions.
  • Service overview and SLAs – quickly distinguish down/degraded signal qualities versus nominal paths.

Implementation of point solutions to solve a magnitude of disparate data and systems issues, while well intended, often are so narrowly focused that it leads to disjointed networks and operations, enterprise inefficiencies, and large sustainment costs. CodeMettle’s unique, agnostic approach to data convergence and management breaks down information silos normalizing disparate data types into a single common data model and operating platform eliminating isolated functional areas and technology silos.

Additional Features Include:

  • Holistic view of end-to-end state of the networks, assets, and services in a unified web-tool with a dashboard driven user interface.
  • Manage complexity with simplicity: 3rd party sub-systems,  independent network equipment, inventory, incident management IP, SATCOM, and radio networks, ancillary physical infrastructure (UPS,  Generator, etc.), and various software support services to deliver critical voice/data/video services all come together with CodeMettle.
  • CodeMettle natively understands content services and correlates all network data to the health and performance of critical, revenue generating services

The CodeMettle Platform converges all types of disparate data sources, normalizing the data into one model, one language, one solution. It is intelligently designed to correlate data for scalability and flexibility for companies of all sizes.

Additional Features Include:

  • Store billions of records and processes with configurable data translation, routing, and storage rules.
  • Meta-data tagging at runtime.
  • Includes a Complex Event Processor that analyzes data for trends and patterns in order to visualize, maintain, update, and add characteristics to describe and correlate data.
  • Define dashboards and administer data to create a dynamic front-end to visualize the health and performance of the overall solution.

Common data analytics dashboards include:

  • SLA and utilization reports
  • Outage Reports
  • Top 10 Reports (anomalies)
  • Traffic Reports
  • Incidents and tickets
  • Maintenance and Assets

The CodeMettle platform is specifically designed to connect disparate data sources into a single data model including business, maintenance, policy, asset, and ticketing management. It simplifies the ingestion and automated exchange of data from data sources that do not typically work together allowing more advanced automation of business processes. It also enables a dynamic single source of truth and auditable trail of approvals and current-status in a collaborative environment. Your needs drive the application of this unique feature.

Additional Features Include:

  • Constraint Solving Engine that provides optimal solutions and asset deconfliction given a complex set of constraints efficiently managing the Common Operating Picture and converging OSS/BSS systems with the asset, ticketing, transmission and application layers.
  • CodeMettle applied logic and intelligence to automate various difficult human processes in the form of configurable scripts and workflows that reduce data entry, eliminate illegal/impossible
    options, and initialize or remediate complex actions to resolve network challenges.
  • Administration of its users through business processes, dynamic file routing, and management to process orders.
  • Promote collaboration with different user roles, task assignments,  and goals in the process by supporting your business wing-to-wing, from acquisition to processing.
  • Automate the collection of data from business sources and  aggregate external authoritative sources enabling a COP for  acquisition and business process operations.



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