Data and Device Integration

data and device integration

Full Integration and Seamless Management
The CodeMettle platform is network and technology agnostic enabling comprehensive network and operational situational awareness using a modern, customizable web-based user interface. It uniquely adapts to heterogeneous data sources eliminating barriers between data types presenting a visual layer of a single pane of glass.  CodeMettle’s platform supports full integration and seamless management of critical, physical, and virtual infrastructure and the applications and services employed on that critical network.

A Single Pane of Glass

Data model

  • Flexible, standardized JSON data objects modeled with a user definable schema
  • Configurable on the fly by adding metadata descriptors to objects

data management and storage

  • Configurable data translation, route and storage rules
  • Vertical and horizontal synchronization of data
  • Highly efficient NoSQL database

Data translation

  • Object Oriented Translators that enable quick adaptation to any data source
  • End-user definable for future data sources

data visualization and analytics

  • High performance HTML5 user interfaces
  • User definable dashboards to visualize and administer data
  • Dynamic, configurable data analytics tool

data security at rest and in transit

  • FIPS 140-2 compliant architecture
  • Certified IA compliant to run in the most private and secure networks in the world

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