Reduce the cognitive load on the soldier

Empower Network Managers with
situational awareness at the NOC

Streamline mission
critical components

Reduce time and increase
flexibility in the planning phase


Military communications are complex and require a mixture of superior equipment, standards, technologies, transports, and protocols.

CodeMettle gives users a simple yet elegant software solution enabling operation of remote nodes, both at-the-halt and on-the-move. Operators orchestrate all physical and virtual infrastructure elements of the node-all through a single pane of glass.

Local users can connect, enable services, and remediate network issues – all while disconnected from the network. The UI is inviting, with simple workflows and dashboards designed for the general-purpose user and experts alike.

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As soldiers are armed with the proper equipment for missions, management of assets becomes more complex. Most solutions employ the soldier as a sensor and only offer surface-level status reports without battlefield context.

CodeMettle empowers network managers to collaborate with end users in one solution via remote tools including chat, file share, ticketing, and Over-The-Air management.

With so many network elements and nodes, network managers need help to identify anomalies and understand the impact to services and missions. Quickly view disparate assets, analyze performance, and get usage trends. CodeMettle aggregates data and correlates it with the operational context.

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Critical times call for commanders to make rapid decisions confidently based on the available situational awareness. There is no room for uncertainty caused by outdated information acquired through manual processes.

CodeMettle takes the uncertainty out of mission capacity, setup, and SLA mission scores; guiding operators through intuitive workflows that intelligently select available assets that support mission requirements.

Sub-optimal options are eliminated, allowing multi-level collaboration in DIL environments to share mission information between network operators at headquarters and users in the field.

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Military network planners must support missions with speed and precision, even in harsh and unstable conditions. However, the military network is complex, fragile and often under adverse conditions. Existing solutions manage specific network types and/or technologies without end-to-end interoperability – this limits planning capabilities. It’s imperative that the soldier quickly tailor the network to the mission and purpose with access to critical services.

CodeMettle improves mission effectiveness by streamlining these multiple tasks into a single dynamic and collaborative system.

The planning platform translates network design and resource information into configuration files that load and activate devices, services, applications, and other network items.

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