Logistics and Business Automation

logistics and business automation

Connect Disparate Data Sources Based on Your Needs
The CodeMettle platform is specifically designed to connect disparate data sources into a single data model including business, maintenance, policy, asset, and ticketing management. It simplifies the ingestion and automated exchange of data from data sources that do not typically work together allowing more advanced automation of business processes. It also enables a dynamic single source of truth and auditable trail of approvals and current-status in a collaborative environment. Your needs drive the application of this unique feature.

Data Model

constraint solving engine

Provides optimal solutions and asset deconfliction given a complex set of constraints efficiently managing the Common Operating Picture and converging OSS/BSS systems with the asset, ticketing, transmission and application layers.

automated workflows

CodeMettle applied logic and intelligence to automate various difficult human processes in the form of configurable scripts and workflows that reduce data entry, eliminate illegal/impossible options, and initialize or remediate complex actions to resolve network challenges.

cross functional collaboration

Promote collaboration with different user roles, task assignments, and goals in the process by supporting your business wing-to-wing, from acquisition to processing.

user administration

Administration of its users through business processes, dynamic file routing, and management to process orders.

collect and aggregate

Automate the collection of data from business sources and aggregate external authoritative sources enabling a common operating picture for acquisition and business process operations.

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