Service Management

service management

Understand the Impact to Your Service

The CodeMettle platform is designed to eliminate the noise from reported events so that engineers can stay focused on what really matters. Clients adjust which events, alarms, and patterns cause service degradation or failures. Experience less disruption, accelerated prioritization, and faster root cause analysis with logical correlation between resources, assets, functions, and functional services. This capability is a requirement for enterprises seeking to transition from device to service management.

Stay Focused
on What
Really Matters

Enable your organization to:

  • Aggregate, correlate, and present fault, ticketing, asset, and capacity data across disparate network element managers, devices, and 3rd party systems.
  • Distribute and synchronize information based on service and role responsibility.
  • Natively understand which faults are impacting which customer services.
  • Analyze capacity and growth data to augment and improve service performance.

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