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The fastest way to set up and manage any node.

white horizontal Terminus logo with name
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Multi-Tool for the Edge

Terminus combines all required functionality into a single interface and provides innovative new ways to interact with data, tasks, units, and NOCs.

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Optimized for Bandwidth & SWaP-C Limited Environments

Reduce the stress on the node and network while efficiently optimizing your resources.

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Intelligent Event Handling​

Handles the deluge of alerts, alarms, and events through smart queue and a Kanban.

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Field Expedient​

Lightweight and fast-booting installation package gets you from install to working in less than 3 minutes using less than 1 GB of space. 

Configuration Management​​

Reduces errors and deviations from baseline with robust tracking.

Your Ally at the Edge for Node Setup and Management

Rapidly set up your node

Templates contain everything you need in one file to set up a node. Make configuration changes easily and accurately at the edge. Troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly.

Intuitive user interface

No template, no problem. Guided workflows get your SATCOM, Line of Sight, or Baseband node up and running in no time.

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Information at the speed of relevance

Vertical and horizontal information flows provide necessary data to decision makers at all echelons in real-time. Visualize the status, health, and flow of your connected devices.

Users can monitor and manage configurations

Any user can manage configuration changes locally. Compare baseline and incoming configurations to easily reconcile differences.

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Prioritize and synchronize what matters​

Create, log, and track network events throughout the activity lifecycle. Organize day-to-day events and activities to minimize white noise for the user at the edge.

Collaborate and coordinate across the tactical edge

Stay connected with multiple network users from any node location without ever leaving the system.

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Want to learn more?

Schedule a demo with us and we’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your network needs.​

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