What is CodeMettle?

CodeMettle is a commercial data management software. We provide a common operating picture and unified network operation across all network types. CodeMettle simplifies complex networks, applications, and virtual environments with customized workflows, automation, and reporting. We are scalable, distributable, and operable in geographically distributed networks.



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Who is CodeMettle?

It’s all in the name – CodeMettle engineers, programmers, and developers thrive on tackling the industry’s most difficult challenges in defense, media, and telecommunications. Management and delivery of services to your users are approached with the same tenacity to ensure you are fully equipped day in and day out.



CodeMettle is a scalable NetOps software solution that provides network, service, and data-management automation. We are IA certified by the U.S. Army and DISA to operate on DoD networks and security enclaves. The U.S. Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force trust our software to provide a dynamic Common Operating Picture and unified management platform to simplify the setup, operation, and sustainment of their tactical networks.

CodeMettle is the defense solution for:

  • Node Management
  • Converged Operations
  • Mission Management
  • Planning


CodeMettle provides a distributed and scalable data management platform that enables enterprises to analyze, organize, consolidate, and visualize complex processes and operations. We deliver personalized solutions to commercial industry leaders across media, enterprise data centers, and telecommunications. CodeMettle continues to deliver personalized solutions making the complex simple.

The CodeMettle platform has been employed as the basis for solutions including:

  • Data & Device Integration
  • Service Management
  • Teleport Management
  • Network Management
  • Node Management
  • Convergence Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Logistics & Business Automation

Trusted By


  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Airforce
  • Marines
  • United States Navy
  • PEOC3T



Certified to Better Serve You

Security Assurance:

CodeMettle is IA and IO certified by DISA through the DoDIN Approved Products List. We have been issued the Authority to Operate and the Certificate of Networthiness from the U.S. Army.

Consortiums and Communities Memberships:

OTAs: ATI, SOSSEC, C5, and Trex

CodeMettle has supported exercises with whitepapers and documentation by request:

Sabre Guardian and Key Resolve Exercises

MEFEX ‘17/’18 – Marine Expeditionary Force

CyberQuest ‘18 – Hosted at Ft. Gordon and provided Unified NetOps

25th Infantry Division ‘16 – Lightning Forge

JUICE ‘15/’16 (Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise)

Maritime/Land CWMD ’15 – Interagency Field Experiment



Our mission is to provide all organizations with the power of simplicity through innovative software solutions.

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